Fígaro Producciones Artísticas

Fígaro Producciones Artísticas aims to provide the best service both to the artists it represents and to their contractors. To ensure a personalized service, we represent a very selected group of artists, with an international career or with potential to have it. Our customers are the leading opera houses, symphony orchestras and music festivals in Latin America. Through partner companies, we work with performers and contracting companies worldwide.

artists management

Music conductors

The orchestra, chorus and opera conductors whose careers we take care of are often also in leading positions with musical organizations, facilitating the realization of projects of inter-institutional collaboration and the achievement of international co-productions. Through the Orquesta Filarmónica Argentina we seek the best way to showcase them to Buenos Aires audience.

Stage producers

For the staging of operas, operettas, zarzuelas, staged oratorios, musicals and stage shows in general, we can count on the cooperation of directors with international experience and prestige. They are often also cultural managers, so their work enhances the possibility to generate new projects and to tour different shows covering several art centres.

Solo instrumentalists

Our piano, violin, cello, flute, clarinet, horn, trumpet and percussion soloists are leaders in the Latin American market. We also work with other solo instrumentalists, usually first desks from the Argentina’s main orchestras. Some of the most outstanding young musicians from Buenos Aires and chamber groups also collaborate with us.

Vocal soloists

For opera, oratorio and chamber repertoire, we offer the performance of the best leading artists in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil, including also singers from these countries currently living in Europe or North America, developing an international career that leads them to the stages of Milan, London, New York, Vienna and Berlin.


Classical and contemporary dance has become enormously popular in recent decades, partly also thanks to the work of international renowned Argentine dancers, such as Julio Bocca, Maximiliano Guerra and Iñaki Urlezaga. Therefore we offer our customers the chance to have leading soloists from Buenos Aires’ Teatro Colón and from La Plata’s Teatro Argentino.

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