Fígaro Producciones Artísticas

Germán Martínez Lamas
Executive Director

Juan D. Marval
Public Relationer

María V. Dansey
Administrative Coordinator

María C. Picón
Technical Assistant

Germán Martínez Lamas

Professor Germán Martínez Lamas, head of Fígaro Producciones Artísticas, is a music producer, artistic manager and cultural administrator, as well as a professional musician (bassoon player, pupil of maestro Alberto Merenzon) and specialized teacher.

His professional career covers both the private and the public sphere: in the first field, he worked on international productions such as the Argentina’s tour of “Serrat sinfónico” with Joan Manuel Serrat, in 2004; in the public sphere, he worked in the office of Symphonic and Chamber Programming at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, where he was responsible for the Golden Hall’s artistic programming and the executive coordination of the Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra.

As a music player, he has been a member of state symphony orchestras and professional wind bands in the City and the Province of Buenos Aires, performing under the baton of conductors like Daniel Barenboim and Helmuth Rilling, and he also played as a soloist.

His work in the field of independent production includes world premieres and national tours of musical educational programmes of his own authorship and in collaboration with Hugo Midón. His work is supported by a team of specifically trained and experienced collaborators.

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